Patient Safety Education and Resources

Patient Safety Essentials

This is a comprehensive program designed to provide UPMC Patient Safety Leaders (Patient Safety Specialists, Physicians, Clinicians, Nurses, and Leadership) the knowledge and skills needed to initiate and support improved patient safety outcomes within the framework of UPMC safety-related policies, practices, and expectations. The modules may be completed in sequence as listed below or according to the participant’s needs.

If you wish to obtain a UPMC Wolff Center Certificate of Completion in Patient Safety Essentials, you must complete the following courses:

  • Introduction to Patient Safety Concepts
  • Regulatory and System Governance
  • Patient Safety Reporting, Event Review and Analysis
  • Risk Management and Legal
  • UPMC Just Culture Curriculum

Obtain the Patient Safety Essentials Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of 4 patient safety courses and the UPMC Just Culture Curriculum complete this form. Once program completion is verified, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion within two weeks. This certificate may only be obtained once. Please email with any questions about the UPMC Wolff Learning Academy Patient Safety Essentials Certificate of Completion.

Patient Safety Coursework Below
Introduction to Patient Safety Concepts

This module provides an introduction to the beginning of the patient safety movement, the patient safety role, and how that role functions within the framework of UPMC.

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Patient Safety & Regulatory Overview

An in-depth look at agencies that guide patient safety, including Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission, and the Department of Health (DOH), is provided along with how the agencies intersect to dictate system patient safety responsibilities.

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Patient Safety Reporting, Event Review and Analysis

Patient safety events are examined across the spectrum from voluntary reporting through state and patient reporting and event analysis principles.  Also included are UPMC’s incident reporting platform RiskMaster, MCARE Act, Patient Safety Authority, and PA-PSRS. 

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Risk Management and Legal Overview

Patient safety specialists work closely with the risk management and legal departments when an adverse event occurs. This module will introduce you to event coding and the RiskMaster system along with processes in place for risk management and legal interactions or escalation.

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UPMC Just Culture
It is recognized that the greatest impediment to error in health care is when caregivers are punished for making mistakes, which instills fear, destroys creativity, and prevents staff from learning. This course is designed to assist those who affect patient safety in understanding the concepts of A Just Culture and provide exercises that will enable participants to implement these principles into their daily practice. By doing so, participants are aligning with UPMC’s values and providing a safer place for the patients of UPMC to receive care. Visit the Just Culture Education page for registration information
Patient Safety Resources Below

Outside of the patient safety essentials courses, the items in this section are also valuable resources to enhance your patient safety efforts, but are not required to receive a Certificate of Completion in Patient Safety Essentials.

Patient Informed Consent Update
This course provides updated information for healthcare providers regarding when and how to obtain a patient’s informed consent. 

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Patient Safety Video Playlist

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In light of COVID-19, there is a heightened awareness of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) application to prevent the spread of this and any infectious disease as indicated. Watch this short video on how to properly apply a gown, gloves, mask, and face shield.